Innovative Technology

2022 Annual Report:

  • Cyber Security
        1. As part of our strategic plan, we created a Cyber Security Task Force (CST) to assist our cyber education program by spreading awareness throughout the divisions on specific cybersecurity related topics. A prevention plan was rolled out to help manage, prioritize, and reduce a cybersecurity risk which in turn also helps protect our customer’s personal information.
  • eCertify
      1. eCertify is one of the newest innovative advances we recently launched. eCertify allows users to order and immediately receive certified copies of court records right online. We have rolled out this initiative to the State Attorney and Public Defender’s Offices. The next phase will go live to the public in 2022.
  1. 2021 Annual Report:
    1. The Clerk’s Office has experienced in the last 14 months 100% uptime in the Orange County data center.


customer service - Tiffany Moore Russell


Over the past two years, we successfully lobbied for legislative changes (House Bill 397 & Senate Bill 838) to address ongoing funding challenges, while also demonstrating fiscal
responsibility by returning unneeded emergency funds in 2021.

technology - Tiffany Moore Russell


The Clerk's Office prioritized cybersecurity in 2022 with a task force and prevention plan, while also launching the innovative eCertify platform for online access to certified court records.

access to courts - Tiffany Moore Russell


In 2023 we expanded access to justice with the launch of DIY Florida, a free online program to assist self-represented parties, and by hosting ``He Got Up`` events and participating in Operation Green Light to help individuals resolve court debts.

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